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Vest Keramiek / van Woerden - photos and information

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photo book catalogue 1973 Vest 1983 archive present and past

  photoboek with foto's from groups of vases from my collection top

vanWoerden fotoboek
The photos are from a photo book (20 x 20 cm). On photos are groups of vases from my collection. Sometimes with the same decor or with the same shape or from the same period.

It give you a very good picture of the versatility of the work of Marius and Hugo van Woerden.

  van Woerden catalogue about 1973 top

vanWoerden catalogus
This catalogue is also partly be seen on the website of Marius van Woerden.(
In the catalogue are numbers of vases and decors such as Rubens, Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

Hugo van Woerden has made me a copy of the original catalogue.

It was probably published between the end of the Van Woerden and the beginning of the Vest period around 1973. The decors Oliva and Anthraciet were first used in 1975. These decors are not included in this catalogue.

  Vest original photos early 80 top

Vest collectie 1983
Original photos probably of the last collection of Vest in the early 80. The photos are provided by Hugo van Woerden

Vest collectie 1983
On the right are models and glazes that are very different from what is expected to Vest. In the early 80 buyers wanted especially tight smooth shapes.

The photo on the left is a vase with the imprint of feet of one of the children of Hugo van Woerden. Vest used then a smooth shiny white glaze.

  archive e-mails from Hugo en Marius van Woerden top

There are few reliable sources that help identify Vest Keramiek. If I had an unknown vase, I ask Marius and Hugo van Woerden for advice.

I gathered their e-mails and replies in an archive. Their answers have been incorporated throughout the site.

  present and past - Hugo van Woerden top

Marius van Woerden still lives in Canada, so verbal contact is difficult. Hugo van Woerden, however, resides in the Netherlands and is engaged in the ceramics company of his children.

This page contains information about Hugo periods of the Steenuil, Canada and nowadays.

  sources and links top

Vest steelpannetje A6 In sources and links are links to websites with additional, reliable information about Vest..

Websites where Vest are sold, are often incorrect. Sellers on "Marktplaats", Etsy and eBay give often wrong information.
Even Catawiki expert (Rob Meershoek) supplied misleading information. A simple vase (A6) is presented as "Dutch Studio Pottery". But there are made thousands of these vases.
There is a list of reliable sellers who have verified their information on my website.

photo book catalogue 1973 Vest 1983 archive present and past