Vest Keramiek Gouda - van Woerden aardewerk -  verzameling-vaas kruik herkennen model en glazuur

Vest Keramiek / van Woerden - identification

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Below briefly is shown how to recognize Vest. For more information click on the buttons above.

For a correct identification multiple attributes are usually required. Especially identification by only paying attention to the shape is unreliable.

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 Vest Keramiek Gouda - van Woerden aardewerk - verzameling vaas kruik herkennen model en glazuur Vest is known for its original designs. These are often easy to regonize. Sometimes other factorys have the same models. Check therefore other characteristics, such as clay, mould line and decor. Click for more information on "characteristics" in the menu bar.

- We first look at the shape of the bottom: round, oval, square, rectangular or otherwise.

- This is followed by a handle, spout, holes, ridges etc.

- The height is taken for the size. A similar model can still differ in size due to some type of clay to shrink more or less .

- All the vases of the same model have exactly the same shape because they come from the same mold. Still, they may look very different by the thin or thick layer of glaze.

- Some models are skewed. This is not a mistake but a conscious choice of the designer.

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- The numbers of Vest are sometimes handwritten. With a pencil or marker. Later on a stamp was used. A very short time the numbers were cast.

- The numbers consist of one or two letters followed by one or two digits. For example, A6, A18, AK20. Exceptions are the 100 and 200 series and Kof or KOF with coffee pots.

- These numbering style was also used by Prosman, who has worked with Vest.

- The number sometimes gives the size in centimeters, but often that is not the case. For example, G10, G15 and G30 have the same model. G10 is about 10 cm, G15 is about 15 cm. However, G30 is not a 30 cm, but about 20 cm.

- Vest used sometimes a number several times. There are even four different models with the number K13.

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The following characteristics are described:

- stickers and on the bottom the name "van Woerden"
- red, black or white clay
- bottom flat with a mould line across the bottom an oblique edge of the bottom and small round felt pads on the bottom
- numbers on the bottom
- decors or glazes on the outside and on the inside

Identification on the basis of the model is usually unreliable. Therefore Vest models are compared to models from other manufacturers.

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Decors or glazes can be used to recognize Vest. Some lava-glazes (Rubens, Van Gogh and Rembrandt) are typical. Yet it is not always reliable. Other factories made glazes sometimes very similar to those of Vest. These glazes are compared with each other in "characteristics".

Click for an overview of all decors or glazes in the menu bar on "decor / glaze". Information about the decors comes from Hugo van Woerden.

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